Coffee and Theology Podcast: Episode 4 – Life and the Afterlife in the First Century


In the latest episode of Coffee and Theology special guest, Scott the Scholar, talks with us about greater context of the world at the time of the formation of the New Testament.

We also discuss the influence of Vikings on video games, why Boba Fett and Judas shared the same fate, what you should name your pet wolf, and other burning issues surrounding the Afterlife.

Yes, we go from the first century to life after death. That’s just how we do it.

As always, the coffee is provided by Urban Pioneer, the finest coffee in all of Long Beach.

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Coffee and Theology Podcast: Episode 2 – Aramaic Sayings in the Gospel of Mark (Part 1)


We’re at it again! Episode two of Coffee and Theology is here, and we’re talking about code-switching.

On a day to day basis Jesus spoke in Aramaic, yet of all the words he spoke less than a handful are recorded by Mark in their original form. Why not translate these words into Greek as he did everywhere else? Why would Mark take the time to preserve these words in their original language?

Well, we looked it up and this is what we found… at least the first half of it.

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Coffee and Theology Podcast: Episode 1 – An Overview of the Gospel of Mark


We’re trying a new thing here. Taking it to the next level. Yessir, we went and made a podcast and we’re calling it “Coffee and Theology.”

This first episode is an overview of the Gospel of Mark.

After a riveting musical introduction (that will be forever burned in your memory), we theorize on what Mark is all about, why it was written, who it was written by, and why we should care. We also drink some amazingly delicious coffee provided by the best roaster in all of Long Beach (and probably the world): Urban Pioneer Roasting Company. Visit the site and buy a bag now. Go. Seriously. Just go.

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